We meet on Thursday mornings (9am-11:15am) in Ryosa Hall and run our study from September to May.  We are studying Isaiah and would love for anyone to join us at any time.  The Registration Fee for the study is $25 and scholarships are available.  Sierra Bible Study is a non-denominational women's teaching ministry, where we fellowship as a group and study in small group.  Our mission is to be an outreach to all women, regardless of church affiliation, in order to encourage and uphold one another in our Christian walk through prayer and fellowship, studying the Bible, worshiping the Lord through prayer and teaching, and reaching out to our local community here in Nevada County. 

Contact Betty Beason (470-9074) with questions.


Praisercise is a group of women that come together to stay healthy, both physically and spiritually.  Physical exercise consists of an hour of warm-up, active but low-impact aerobics and a period of cool down.  This hour is followed by a period of sharing and prayer time.  Many lives have been touched by the concern and caring of each other through both joyful and troubling times.  We praise God together and pray for each other.  Praisercise started in 1985 with 8 women.  Several of those women are still actively involved today and there are a total of 24 active participants.  Contact Janet Lowell today to find out more info.


We meet once a month and make quilts for the Veteran's and other non-profits.  We also have classes to learn different quilting techniques.

If you would like to sign up for a bible study or get more information about our women’s ministries, please fill out this form or call our church office @ 530.265.3291.

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