Have you ever wanted to grow in your Christian faith and have fellowship?  That is what a GROWTH GROUP offers.  There are a large number of such groups in Sierra Pres.  The groups operate in a wide variety of ways.  All are based in Biblical studies, but those can be through actual reading of the Bible or related books or DVDs that increase knowledge of the subject.  There is a Small Group library in Ryosa Hall where you can check out books, study guides and DVDs.  Also, take advantage of our Church Library offerings.

Each group is independent and can choose everything from the meeting place, the frequency and time of meetings, the subject matter and who will facilitate. Most of the groups meet in member's homes, rotating the hosting and/or facilitating.

If you are interested in connecting with a GROWTH GROUP  please contact either Meryl Wilson at 530.477.5342 or Mary Reeve 530.273.0283.  The GROWTH GROUP Vision team is available to help your group with any issues that may arise.  Each group is encouraged to have a agreement among themselves to respect privacy so that there can be genuine authenticity in the ongoing relationships. New groups are formed as people express a need.